Carvings are an excellent way to enjoy crystals and gemstones in your home or work environment making wonderful gifts for family and friends.

At Creative Crystals Gemstone Carvings are available in a wide variety of crystal and gemstone in various sizes. These include small Angels, Buddhas, palmstones and various animals to larger one off specimens such as 20cm tall angels. All our carvings are hand polished and carved to a high standard to bring out the beauty of the stone and to reveal the finer detail. Each carving is hand picked to maintain high quality products for you to buy through our shop in the Piece Hall.



Guardian Angels






Freeform Shapes

Palmstones and Pebbles





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Retailer of quality gemstone products, having a wide range of rough and polished minerals in stock. We also have a range of hand made one of a kind jewellery.

Located in The Piece Hall in Halifax since 1993, the building was recently redeveloped with significant upgrades and is now a world class tourist destination.


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