Agate is a mineral formed over 220 million years ago in cavities of ancient lava beds. It is found in a vast array of colours and patterns which is made into products to complement any home or office decor. At Creative Crystals we have a wide range of gifts available including Bookends, Clocks, Geodes and Windchimes etc, each with their own beauty and appeal.

Agate Book Ends

Each pair of Agate Book Ends is unique in shape and pattern, and come in a variety of wonderful colours. Each set of bookends has been crafted from a single block of agate and polished to accentuate its colour. Agate Book Ends make great gifts for birthdays, Christmas or any occasion and are presented in a gift box.

Agate Geodes

Agate Geodes have a banded structure with a hollow crystal center. They make wonderful ornaments and paperweights and come in a vast range of colours and sizes.

Agate Slice

Agate slices are highly polished slices which are cut from a geode using a diamond saw. They look stunning with a back light or in a window with the light shining through which shows off the banding to maximum effect. They can also be used as a coaster as they are very durable and do not scratch. Agate slices are a striking and inexpensive way to expand your collection making great gifts. A stand is included with each slice purchased.

Agate Wind Chimes

Agate Wind Chimes are made using several similar sized agate slices suspended in a column. They make a lovely tinkling sound as they move and catch the light, showing off their beautiful colours. They are suitable for hanging inside or out and make an excellent gift.

Agate Clocks

Agate clocks are unique timepieces, made from a single Agate Slice with a high quality Quartz movement and are made on site by ourselves. The large sized clocks can be wall mounted or used as a desk clock, each clock comes in a gift box.




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