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About Creative Crystals

Creative Crystals, vspace=Creative Crystals has been supplying high quality crystals, gemstones and minerals for over 15 years. Previously operating from the Piece Hall, Halifax, we have built a reputation for combining good service and quality products together with value for money. We aim to provide an efficient friendly service to all our customers through our website.

We sell a wide range of gift products ranging from rough rock and mineral specimens for collectors to cut and polished products. The rough rock and mineral products are in their natural form as they were created many thousands of years ago. We also have a wide range of jewellery which includes, Amber, Amethyst, Moonstone and many other semi precious stones set in silver.

We are proud to state that all the products for sale on our web shop have been selected for both their aesthetic appeal and for their metaphysical properties, bringing the very best to you. We cater for all tastes and our minerals and gemstones are all priced very reasonably whilst maintaining the high quality expected. Please enjoy the website.

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Creative Crystals
The Piece Hall is closed for re-development.
Our products are available here online,
and at a local craft fair near you!